Eastern Standard


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Ecuador
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic & Nicaraguan
Price:  $9.00 - $11.00

Available in 3 Sizes:

Euro Express (5 1/2 X44)
Cream Crush (7 X 48)
Corretto (5X50)  [pictured]


Robert Caldwell
President Caldwell Cigars

What’s the idea behind the ridiculous story on the packaging?

So the story on our packaging is just to demystify the industry and a lot of the bullshit that’s out there. I have respect for the brands that have the history, however, a lot of companies that are coming out or have just come out are paying homage to a history that they don’t have. So it’s kind of just to cut right through the bullshit.

Who is the dude on the branding?

So the artist who created him is called Evoca1. He does all of our packaging on the Caldwell stuff. I give him names and he creates concepts. So I gave him Eastern Standard and then he gave me like you know, a 65-year-old Russian Oligarch gangster-looking guy.

How did you and Evoca1 begin working together?

Back when I was at Wynwood he walked into the factory and asked if he could paint a [cigar rolling] table. He painted the rabbit table. Then I gave him a wall outside and he did a mural. Now he’s flown all over the world to paint murals in huge cities, major campaigns and he was announced as I think the no. 2 street artist in the world this year.

Now about the cigar itself, what’s your favorite thing about the blend on the Eastern Standard?

To me the most relevant thing has got be the wrapper. This cigar is not a puro, it’s a multi country blend, but the whole concept with Eastern Standard was to pro-vide something that was Connecticutish, but not too Connecticut. So it’s gonna give you like a Connecticut flavor, but it’s got a lot of balls and a lot of body to it, and a lot of depth.

What kind of smoker were you targeting when you created this blend?

The goal of Eastern Standard was something like; I’m not a mild guy, I’m a medium guy, but I like creamy, I like smooth, so you smoke Eastern and it’s gonna be rich, nutty.

Say you’re at an event and a consumer who’s never had Eastern Standard asks you about it. How do you explain it?

The conversation revolves around the fact that it’s mild to medium, so it’s gonna be smooth and creamy. But it’s really, really rich because something that I find is amiss on a lot of Connecticuts is that they’re really rich in terms of cream or smoothness, but they don’t have depth. And Eastern Standard is a deep cigar, like when you smoke it, it’s like a [smacks his lips], it does that to your palate. It’s a great beginner’s cigar, but it is a very complex cigar and it’s got a really deep, rich profile to it.

You occasionally add new sizes to the line. What’s your idea when choosing what sizes you’re going to offer in a particular brand?

My goal with that brand, counter to popular belief, I want to have like nine facings because if it’s gonna be a true connoisseur cigar, if I went to a line of cigars and I liked it but it didn’t have a corona or a lancero, I would not smoke it regardless of how much I liked it...or I might just be an occasional smoker. I smoke four lanceros a day because that’s my size, so I have to consider there are consumers out there who work like I do. I think if you’re building a long-term brand concept that’s luxurious, you need to have enough facings to meet the demand.