Davidoff Special Series - Special R


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Ecuador
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Price:  $7.80 - $28.20

Available in 6 Sizes:

Entreacto - Cigarrillos (3.5" X43)  
Short Perfecto (4.9" X 52)
Special 'R' - Robusto (4.9" X 50) [pictured]
Special 'R' Tubo (4.9" X50)

Special 'T'  - Toro (6.0" X 52)
Double 'R' - Churchill (7.5" X 50)


Richard Krutick
Head of Marketing Davidoff of Geneva

It has been our experience that when you meet a traditional “Davidoff Smoker” and ask which Davidoff they prefer, more often than not they name one of the Special Series. Why is that?

Agreed. This line is undoubtedly the one with which we’ve become most known. When smokers get to-gether and someone brings up the Davidoff brand, they’re almost always associating a cigar from the Special Series. Personally, I think the shape is a huge factor with this line. Three unconventional leaves were used in the blend and it does have a very popular flavor profile, but it seems these vitolas began a slight evolution from the original cigars that first brought Davidoff renown. The Special R line was really what began to break the mold. It’s when Davidoff started to come into its own.

From the outside looking in, it seems that the Davidoff brand and its leadership always establish a line, solidify and strengthen its place in the market, and then evolve from it in the next cycle. Is that more or less the strategy?

Absolutely. It actually touches all the brands featured in this group. We began with a foundation of classic vitolas with mild flavors and, through the years, we’ve developed cigars we thought would push the brand by building upon that core. Starting with the Special, followed by the Millennium Blend, then Puro d’Oro, and finally the Nicaragua, which have all built on each predecessor’s strengths. This developed a strong evolution of not simply the cigars, but of Davidoff as a brand.

Let’s apply the evolution principle more specifically to the Special. How would you describe the difference between Special and the lines that came before it?

That’s a great question, actually, and an idea that we’ve put quite a bit of thought into over the years. We think of those original classics as having the same basic ingredients with slightly different recipes. They have very similar flavor profiles, but retain minute distinctions. Moving down the lines, some would have more flavor intensity than others, and by the time you get to the Special Series, it’s the most full-bodied of those lighter classic cigars. The Classic and Mille (Thousand Series) are very similar and equally mild, then the Grand Cru and Special take it up a notch. The Special is a pretty full cigar when you’re comparing to the classic Davidoffs. We consistently have blind tastings with these three cigars to delve into these distinctions as deeply as possible and smokers are always blown away by it.

What do the smokers who go through one of these blind tastings find is the biggest difference between the Special Series and the classics?

I think the most common answers revolve around a more pronounced nuttiness and spice than the classic lines.

There is a new ad new campaign from Davidoff that sort of celebrates a part of this evolution, right?

There is. It’s titled “Viva subtlety, Viva sophistication,” and it’s the idea that these are subtle, sophisticated cigars. They don’t need to shout. Our cigars have nu-ance and flavor. They’re rich with subtle aromas and refinement, untouched by either fashion or fad. We think it’s time for the return of purity and originality of classic cigars that display that timeless quality for which we’re so well known.