Davidoff Puro D'Oro - Gorditos


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Dominican Republic
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Price:  $10.50 - $19.50

Available in 8 Sizes:

Sublimes - Corona  (4.5" X 38)
Momentos (4" X 40)

Deliciosos - Corona (4.9" X 43)  
Notables - Corona  (5.6" X 46)
Magnificos - Robusto (5.1" X 52)
Gorditos - Gordo (3.7" X 58) [pictured]
Eminentes (6" X 52)
Gigantes (5.5" X 56)


Richard Krutick
Head of Marketing Davidoff of Geneva

Aside from the obviously different gold label and pigtail, what sets the Davidoff Puro d’Oro apart from the rest of the portfolio? 

Well, the gold label is already distinctive. Before the launch of the Davidoff Nicaragua with its black and silver label, this was the first jump from the clas-sic white and gold. But beneath the label, there’s much more going on. This project was the result of Henke’s (Davidoff’s master blender Henke Kelner) decade-long passion for making a true Dominican puro. In addition, I would also say that the fact that each of the seven vitolas is blended differently and independently is unique. They are not simply a blend that has been formulated to be used in multiple sizes. Don’t get me wrong, they have the same raw materials, but instead of mechanically adjusting the blend down by percentages, each shape was individually blended.

The wrapper on this cigar is something special, isn’t it? It is grown in the remote Yamasá region of the Dominican Republic. But why go all the way out there? What is it that’s so special about this tobacco? Is it featured in any other blends?

Up to this point, this wrapper had never been used. Henke really had a passion for over 10 years for developing this particular tobacco. He searched for the exact growing region with the soil characteristics that would give him the taste he was looking for and he found it in the Yamasá region. The result is a beautiful looking wrapper that accentuates the blend perfectly. In fact, it is only used on this cigar.

How would you describe the Puro d’Oro to someone who has yet to smoke one? If you had to, what other Davidoff line would you compare it to?

It’s difficult to compare this cigar to any other in our line, but if I had to… It has similarities with the Millennium Blend, but its flavors are definitely more full bodied. It’s more earthy and has more spice. It was blended to have a Cubanesque profile and feel and I think that that is what draws people to that line.

What type of smoker would you say is drawn to the Puro d’Oro? Is that who was targeted throughout the blending process?

I’d say a full-bodied Dominican style smoker is whom this cigar attracts. We consider the Puro d’Oro a connoisseur’s cigar, one that a novice smoker would probably not just jump into. We believe it’s more for the smoker with the developed palate that prefers more full-bodied flavors.

Let’s go back to something you said earlier. You mentioned that each size was individually blended. Can you give an example of two sizes that differ greatly in flavor or strength?

Yes. It’s one of the truly unique things about this line. First off, let’s clarify; even though they are individu-ally blended, all of the sizes will always have more in common with each other than with another cigar because they all use the same raw materials and they all have that unique Yamasá wrapper. Having said that, if you compare the Gorditos to the Notables vitolas, you will find a perfect demonstration of the differences. The Gorditos accentuates the blend’s earthy and peppery aromas while the Notables shows off more of the sweetness and creaminess. 

Where does the Puro d’Oro sit in the Davidoff port-folio in terms of popularity?

Right now, it sits as our fourth-highest selling among all our lines. We feel, at this point, that it’s right where it needs to be.