Davidoff Millennium Blend - Short Robusto


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Ecuador
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Price:  $11.91 - $22.00

Available in 7 Sizes:

Petit Corona (4.5" X 41))  
Lonsdale - Corona (6.0" X 43)
Robusto (5.2" X 50)
Short Robusto (4 1/2 X 52) [pictured]
Piramides (6.1" X 52)
Toro (6.0" X6 0)
Churchill (6.7" X 48)


Richard Krutick
Head of Marketing Davidoff of Geneva

For many smokers, the Davidoff Millennium Blend was the first time they experienced “real” strength in a Davidoff cigar. Up to that point, there was re-ally nothing in the Davidoff portfolio with enough kick to satisfy more full-bodied smokers. Take us back to what the thought process for that release was like.
We released the Davidoff Millennium Blend in 2001 and, at the time it was released, this cigar was Davidoff’s departure from its more traditional offerings. It was a deliberate shift into the new millennium for Davidoff, giving the entire brand an invigoration. During its devel-opment, the blenders selected new, spicier tobaccos, intending to give it a more intense flavor profile than anything offered by Davidoff up to that point.

What is special about the combination of tobaccos used in the Davidoff Millennium Blend?

The Millennium represents the pinnacle of Davidoff’s tobacco blending experience. The combination of binder and filler tobaccos with the specially developed and grown Ecuadorian wrapper gives it an intense, yet refined experience. The flavor combination of chocolate, roasted coffee, and caramel notes with white pepper and spices ensures a complex smoking experience.

When we talk about these product evolutions and product development ideas, does Davidoff take inspiration from any other industries or companies?

Honestly, we get inspiration from all over the place. As an example, I constantly think of Davidoff Madison Avenue. Whenever someone is walking on Madison Avenue in New York City — by Louis Vuitton, Burberry, or Tiffany’s — that is the level of luxury we want ev-eryone to feel in connection with our brand. We hope that they immediately get the sense that our store belongs among these other high-end luxury retailers.

What is Davidoff’s current strategy with respect to the retail and marketing side of the business?

Some of our cigar lines have been around for more than 15 years, and if you look at our current adver-tising and merchandising, you’ll notice that we feel it important to celebrate those original core lines. In a market that’s so innovation-hungry and so focused on what’s new, you’ll see that we wanted to take a step back to say that we’re proud of being a less in-your-face cigar, but more of a sophisticated and subtle smoke. It’s what we have always been. Today’s market seems solely focused on the strongest flavor intensity (to the point of being crazy sometimes), so our new campaign is one in which we pride ourselves on being that mild-to-medium cigar company. With 60 to 70 percent of smokers preferring mild-to-medium cigars, it seems to make sense. That said, as im-portant as consistency is in our cigars, we want the same level of consistency in our marketing and merchandising, and make every effort to ensure our products remain seen in a luxurious light. We want to apply luxury merchandising principles to our local Appointed Merchants.

Speaking of trends and what is hot, how does Da-vidoff feel about the surge in 6 x 60 format cigars?

You know, it’s really quite interesting. Davidoff the brand is not known for a 6 x 60 cigar. We’re known for more European sizes and being a higher end brand in general. As such, we try not follow too many trends. Even though the 6 x 60 is no longer a trend but a mainstay, we feel that our consumers and the man-ner in which we blend cigars doesn’t lend itself to a 6 x 60 size. We did do it with the “Year Of The Horse” we produced, and we were happy with that cigar and received great feedback; however I don’t anticipate Davidoff moving in that direction.