Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
(also available in Mexican San Andres)

Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $6.92  - $8.98

Available in 3 sizes:
654  - 6" X 54 (Toro)
660 - 6" X60 (Gordo) [pictured]
770 - 
7" X 70 (Gordo)


Paul Palmer

The JFR XT is the newest extension of the original JFR, but I think our readers could use a little history lesson on the origins of JFR. Would you mind giving us a quick rundown of how it came to be?

Sure. JFR stands for Just For Retail. It was created about six maybe seven years ago in California when that state had a high OTP (Other Tobacco Products) tax. When we got together with our distributors and customers and asked them how we can help grow their business, in unison they said give us something just for retail and JFR was born. Now it is a contracted brand so the customers who have it sign a document that stipulates the price, no transshipping, no Internet, no catalog, and so on and so forth so it is a true brick and mortar product. That remains today as it did when it was originally created; we police it and do everything in our power to keep it of f the Internet .

But somehow it still makes its way to certain websites. How does that happen?

These websites are not approved merchants so they get JFR from somewhere, I don’t know where, but they get it. And they not only do it with JFR but they do it with many of the other big brands. Right now that’s an irritant and I’m aware that it’s going on but I don’t know how to stop it.

Where does JFR rank in terms of sales volume versus your other products and where is the brand headed?

If we’re looking at volume, it’s number one. We have JFR in about 2000 stores. It’s one of those products that is offered in San Andrés Maduro, it’s offered in Corojo, and a couple of years ago we came up with the 770 (7 x 70). Most recently we’re coming out with the Lunatic, which will also come under the JFR brand and it will be an 8 x 80 belicoso. You know when we created the 770, we did so to sort of show off our manufacturing capabilities and with the Lunatic we’re making it an 8 x 80 for $8.80 retail. So for the guys who like big ring gauge cigars we want to give them something that will give the JFR brand some noise or energy. Internally we wanted to do something fun and different. We also wanted to do an 8 x 80 but do it right and doing it right is a belicoso because that way it w on’t seem like you’re smoking a tree trunk.

You sort of hijacked this Breakdown to talk about this 880 project but I still want to discuss the XT. What is the JFR XT all about?

The XT stands for extra for the added strength. We were asked to create a new generation JFR in a regular box count. Keep in mind that the regular sizes of JFR are typically in a 50 count cabinet, the 770 is in a 30 count, but now the XT is in a 24 count box. And unlike the regular JFR which is unbanded, the XT is banded and also has a foot band on it. It’s available in two cover leafs, Corojo and San Andres. So like a lot of the things we do, we listen to our customers and they said they wanted a box-pressed cigar with a bigger ring gauge. So at the 2014 IPCPR we created the JFR XT in a 6 x 54, 6 x 60, and 7 x 70. All box-pressed with a pigtail and an un finished foot in a bo x of 24.

So how has it been received in the market?

It’s a natural migration for our existing JFR accounts. It’s a more refined smoke, it’s a little bit stronger on the palate and oh by the way you have a box-pressed 770 with a pigtail and an un finished foot.

After all of these brand extensions and fun sizes, you still have to sell cigars so at the end of the day what do you envision for the JFR brand in 2015?

Our goal is always to make the best cigar that we can using the highest grade tobacco and as long as we continue that JFR will grow even beyond what we are currently doing.