Nub Habano


Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $6.00  - $7.50

Available in 4 sizes:
358 - 3 3/4" X 58 (Natural Rothschild)
460 - 4 X60 (
Natural Rothschild) [pictured]
464T - 4" X 64 (Natural 
466- 4 X66 (Natural Rothschild)


Cory Bappert
VP of Sales,
Oliva Cigar Co.

The Nub and Cain brands were developed under Studio Tobac, but that all seems to be in flux. What is the current state and structure of Studio Tobac?

We’re actually in the process of transitioning both the Nub and Cain brands outside of Studio Tobac, to be marketed separately. This allows us to focus more on making Studio Tobac a brand that releases more limited edition and exclusive cigars. Nub and Cain are so strong as individual brands that it’s more efficient to have them stand on their own and allow Studio Tobac to move forward in creating other unique and exciting lines.

The wrapper on that Nub Habano is a think of beauty. Is that wrapper used on any other cigars in the Oliva portfolio?

Actually, yes! That same Habano wrapper is also found, in some form or fashion, on a couple of our other premium lines. Specifically, the Serie O shares this same wrapper and the Serie V, one of our most sought after cigars, uses this wrapper but from a different priming.

What’s the biggest misconception cigar smokers have about Nub?

What we’ve heard the most at events or when speaking to consumers is that, because of the smaller vitola, they assume it’s a shorter smoking duration, and that’s simply not the case. Almost every time, I don’t even have to say a thing, because when someone suggests that, there’s another smoker who puts that myth to rest. Initially, that was the biggest challenge we found... convincing smokers unfamiliar with Nub that it was a comparable smoking time to most other vitolas.

It must surprise the hell out of those who think that Nub is a “quick smoke,” especially when they reach for a Nub Habano and find that not only is it not quick, but it’s also no joke. It has some power to it!

Yeah, it happens… our Oliva Cigar representatives as well as our tobacconists do their best to guide smokers in the direction of the product that the smoker will enjoy most but as you can imagine, some guys want to dive right in. And that’s OK too, as long as at the end of the day they enjoy their cigar.

Do you think the shorter size of the Nub influences when and where people enjoy them?

Honestly, I don’t think so. I haven’t heard anyone tell me that the size itself plays any part in that decision. On the contrary I’ve heard numerous people say that they enjoy them all over the place. 

Over the years Nub, Cain, and Studio Tobac have hosted some of the best in-store promotional events that we’ve ever attended. They were the kinds of events that people drove to from miles around for a chance win some pretty incredible prizes. Are there plans to continue with that event strategy?

I’m sure you remember when we gave away the Corvette and Mini Cooper with Nub and the custom motorcycle with Cain. But as much fun as those huge events were, we wanted to step back a bit and go in a different direction for promotions. Since the Studio Tobac tour is complete, what we’ve decided to do is keep the events smaller in size but much more widespread. The tour in a way limited us by only having one event in one location at a time. But with numerous events occurring simultaneously, we see it as a win for everyone. We still have plenty of give-a-ways and raffles for really great prizes, but we’re doing it at more shops across the country. Ultimately, we feel that more people can enjoy Nub events this way — people who may not have been able to travel to those larger ones. Our goal moving forward is to ensure that we can pass on more value to our loyal customers as well as keep them smiling with cool bonuses more often.