Avo XO


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Ecuador
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Price:  $9.00 - $11.00

Available in 5 Sizes:

Preludio (6X40)
Notturno (5X42)
Maestoso (7X48)
Intermezzo (5X50) [pictured]


Scott Kolesaire
AVO Brand Manager

The AVO brand recently underwent a refresh. We noticed the packaging has been updated and the labels have undergone a few tweaks. But what about the blends?

No. We wouldn’t dare touch the blends. These core blends allow this brand to continue to grow in an over-crowded industry. They are as consistent as blends could possibly be. We did trim some lines and sizes, but the four remaining blends are intact. Of course, our popular limited releases will continue, but with some exciting innovations.

The refresh wasn’t only in the packaging. We’ve also noticed that you’ve started to use the “Savor Every Note” tagline. 

For years, the brand’s tagline was “Cigars in Perfect Harmony.” With the recent refresh of the brand, it was just natural to transition to “Savor Every Note.” Every word relates to AVO Cigars. Savor means to embrace and enjoy completely. Every ... It’s more than the cigar; it’s the whole experience. Note ... Music notes, tasting notes, story notes. It is perfect. There are, of course, components you need to savor every note. When you have a very special moment, something that you re-member and cherish, you can usually recall whom you were with, what music was playing, where you were, and naturally what you were smoking. And savoring that moment is what AVO is all about. It’s about being in the moment and taking your time to let it all sink in.

When you launched the refresh, we got an AVO record player at Cigar Snob HQ, and we’ve seen it in several cigar stores since. Will consumers be able to get their hands on one of those?|

As a brand, we are trying to bring people together and make these personal connections. One of the ways we are doing this is by creating these custom record players that you can play vinyl on. It also has a jack for an iPod or smartphone. The idea is to give these away at AVO events as a raffle prize. But the beautiful thing is the unit sits at stores a few weeks before the event and the owner of the store usually hooks it up. What we’re seeing is that customers are starting to bring in their old vinyls and playing them on it. That’s exactly what we had hoped would happen. They’re discussing what old albums they have and remember-ing moments from those days and they’re connecting with the brand and what it stands for. And then on the night of the event, someone gets to take it home.

We did that with the unit that we received. We were jamming to old Springsteen and Clapton al-bums for days. Everyone who visits the office has something to say about our AVO record player.

That’s what I’m talking about! We feel that, in today’s technological world, where you have thousands upon thousands of tracks on your phone, you rush and skip through most of these great albums. But when you play a record, it’s just like selecting your cigar. For example, you get home from work, walk up to your humidor and you have all different types of cigars. The relaxation starts when you get to the humidor and you look through and think about what you’re going to smoke. You select it, get your cutter, clip it, spark a match, rotate the cigar in the flame – this is allowing you to relax before you even get to embark on the journey of the cigar. Playing a record on vinyl is just like that. It’s about building the anticipation. You go through a process of selecting, then the turntable starts spinning, you pick up the needle and carefully place it on the first track. And just let it play.

And so how does the XO fit into the portfolio?

Well, when AVO XO was released, it was meant to be the highest mark of quality. Avo used the XO designation from the Cognac world meaning “extra old,” which of course relates to great quality. Nowadays it sits just above the Classic in flavor intensity and strength, but it’s superbly balanced and beyond smooth.